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Digital Series

Most Inspiring Indian Business Leaders

Kumar Mangalam Birla

Riding on the tides of global domination!

Jayanta Poddar

Reimagine the way you color your world

Chef Varun Gulati

An exclusive interview with Chef Varun Gulati

Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai

Master coach, HR Strategist, Facilitator

Nikhil Jain

Road to sky is the only mantra which motivates Nikhil Jain

Falguni Nayar

The brain beckoning india's beauty business

Madhusudhan AV

Founder & CEo of Bricspaces

Globally Most Inspiring Indian Business Leaders

Divya Gokulnath

Fortif ying the foundation of India’s futuristic institution


A Stubborn failure, A market Disruptor with a aim to become India’s next Billionaire

Encraft India

Avanish Singh Visen, Chief Executive Officer at DCJ Group

Kunal Shah

An unicorn of the tech start-ups

Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan

True Turnaround Specialist

Anurag Saxena

Right time to invest is Now!!

Manu Kumar Jain

The man who established Xiaomi

Beliram Tara Chand Jain

Amongst The Top Silvers miths in the Country

Brand Kettle

Born and Bloomed in Lockdown wit h a Ray of Hope for Migrant Workers !!

Arundhati Bhattacharya

An Indian Woman Leader turning Global Heads

Neera Sharma

The ride from a legal executive to a CEO

Payal Kapoor & Magzter

Refurbishing the world with colonial castles and heritage

Furtados School of Music

Roots of a musical legacy

Gautam Kapur

Founder BE CONSCIOUS Wellness

The Chocolate Room

Vikas Panjabi | Co founder, The Chocolate Room Chaitanya Kumar | Co founder, The Chocolate Room

Leading Healthcare Brands & Leaders


Making India the heart of healthcare facility!

Kolhapur Cancer Centre

The Best Cancer Care Centre in Maharashtra

Zuvius Lifesciences

Zuvius Lifesciences – The making of a world leader

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

Chairman of Narayana Health

Sun Pharma

The rising Sun of the pharmaceuticals sector!

Dr. Lal Path Labs

Dr. Arvind Lal, 71, is the executive chairman of Dr Lal PathLabs

Patanjali Baba Ramdev

Tracing the Future of India With the Wealth of Ancient Wisdom!

Women Power

Nita Ambani

The face of Women Empower in India

Indra Nooyi

Establishing Women Leadership in the Corporate Ladder

Kiran Mazumdar

Someone Said It Right: Women Run the World

Sudha Murthy

A woman of simple living and high thinking

Sabina Kamal

Digitising for a greener, smarter planet

Ekta Kapoor

Changing our vision through Indian television

Ssarita Siingh

The Inspiring Journey of Ssarita Siingh- A Woman who knows No Barriers

Vandana Luthra

An Inspiring Women nurturing Beauty With Brains!

Priya Anand Dakle

Nurturing business, Fostering young minds

Mrs. Bhupinder Gogia

“Being a catalyst of change is the biggest joy of Mrs. Bhupinder Gogia’s life as a Principal at Sat Paul Mittal School”

Shikha Girgla

Choose the glasses through which you see your life!

Pillars of Indian Economy

Ratan Tata

The Catalyst of Big Change in Indian economy!

Gautam Adani

The man turning India’s coast into gold

Adi Godrej

Molding the nation into a manufacturing superpower

Azim Premji

A Philanthropist piloting the Indian IT industry!

Shiv Nadar

The philanthropic architect who is constructing a modern India

Anand Gopal Mahindra

The Alpha of the Indian Roads

Ben Pharma

Improving Patient’s Lives

NextGen Life Sciences

Dr. Nagma Abbasi Founder & CEO - NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Dairy Day Ice Cream

A Brand is a Legac y built forever

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Creating a universe of digital payments in India!

Ritesh Agarwal

The young harbinger of India’s hospitality industry

Visionary Leaders of India

Aava Water

Bottling Trust and Wellness, Not Just Water

TiT-biT Foods

TiT-biT Foods is one of The leading brand names in The spice industry

PBS Oil induStrieS Pvt. ltd.

Where Quality & Consistency meet

Corsa Bath Fittings

Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.

Sandhya Group

Think Global Think Sandhya

Medusa By Sonal Jindal

Medusa Fashion “Keeping the spirit oF Fashion alive”

Vegas Mall

Ravinder Choudhary, Assistant Vice President

Rajesh Exports Ltd.

Rajesh Export Ltd. (REL) is currently the largest constituent of the global gold business.

Mr. K. Shyam Prasad

A Firm believer in the concept of 2 F’s “Faith in oneself” & “No Fear”